Did you take the time to buy a card for someone you love yesterday? Did you reflect for a minute about why you appreciate them and what they bring to your life? Did you share some of those wonderful qualities in the little note you wrote on the card?

When they read the card, how did it make them feel?  Did they light up, feel better about themselves, and feel great about you and how lucky they are to share their life with you?  These are things we don’t say to our loved ones often enough.

Did you miss a Valentine from your list?

Ever think we need Valentine’s Day on our teams? Afterall, we spend more of our waking hours with our teammates than with our families.

I received a Valentine (of sorts) from a colleague this morning and it’s made me think I’ve missed a few Valentines from my list.  The one I received was in the form of a voice mail.  On it, my colleague didn’t ask for anything; she didn’t inform me of something I should be worried about, or give me a task to do, nope!  Instead, she left me a message to say thank you.

She’s preparing for an important meeting and she wanted me to know that she was using an approach she had learned from me.  She told me how valuable this approach has been to her and how confident she feels every time she uses it with a new client.  She just wanted to thank me for investing in her.

Do you think it was something I showed her last week? Maybe last month?  You’d be wrong.  I looked up the date, just for fun.  It was September, 2005.  My teammate phoned me on Februrary 15th, 2013 to thank me for something I helped her with in 2005! It’s almost amazing to me that the power of her gratitude has lasted seven years. It made me feel valued and that made me feel great.

Is there someone on your team you could give a Valentine to? Something you could tell them so that they see how much you value them?  It’s never too late.  In fact, the chocolates are on sale today! Why not grab a box and tell a teammate why you appreciate them.

And to my work Valentine, Lina.  I love you too!

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  1. Tiinamoore

    Happy Valentine’s Liane….this post brought tears to my eyes (Seriously). You are soooo right…we really don’t thank our teammates enough and I wonder about why we take them for granted. It seems ironic that the leaders that I coach struggle almost as much with giving recognition as they do with giving people critical performance feedback. I see Lina’s action as an example of not just leadership in action but also an indicator that she is not afraid of showing her humanity and generous nature. We need to be more human and generous at work. Thanks for sharing.

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