What do you get when you cross complex, pressure-filled team challenges with a general fear and loathing of conflict? You get passive-aggressive behavior.  Given how stressful and complicated work has become, it’s no surprise that conflicts arise, but what’s destroying our teams is that we never learned how to have conflict in a way that keeps individual egos and fragile team dynamics intact.

If passive-aggressive behavior has taken hold on your team, there is hope.  You can take the high road and make it increasingly difficult for your teammates to keep up their backstabbing antics.  Check out this quick Right Words to Say Video for the instructions.

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I thought you might like a handy dandy reminder. With help from the amazing Carole Blades, I’ve turned the tips into a poster. Print it out. Post copies in your meeting rooms. Do what you need to do to stop the insidious passive-aggressive behavior that’s destroying our teams.

thumbnail of passive aggressive poster

Click here to download the poster

A reminder: The Right Words to Say series is for you, so send in your questions and I’ll shoot a video and create a worksheet to help you tackle the challenges you are facing on your team.

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