I am a child of the seventies. I was raised on Wonder Bread, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins (It was wonder-full). And although Wonder Woman, with her invisible jet and the lasso of truth (not to mention the bodacious eagle bustier) was a pretty alluring hero, I was always partial to the Wonder Twins.

For those who didn’t spend Saturday mornings in the Hall of Justice with the Super Friends (Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Wonder Twins), you can check it out here

Suffice to say that the Wonder Twins were run-of-the-mill wimpy extraterrestrial adolescents who had no powers to speak of until they connected their two snazzy rings and invoked their magic powers with the incantation “Wonder Twin Powers—Activate!” From there the Wonder Twins, Jayna and Zan, could each transform or shape shift by shouting “Form of a…[insert desired form here].”

Anyway, reminiscences aside, the whole shtick was that some heroes are only “super” when they work in a team. That resonated with me from the youngest age. Perhaps foreshadowing my career devoted to building successful teams.

Who is your Wonder Twin at work?

Do you have a Wonder Twin at work? If so:

  • What superpowers magically emerge in you when you work with him/her?
  • What does your Wonder Twin bring to the equation that you admire but can’t emulate?
  • In what situations and against what impending doom do you do your best work?


If you’re lucky enough to have a Wonder Twin, make sure you let your Twin know the value you get from working together.

If you don’t have a Wonder Twin, you need to give some thought to finding one.

How to Find Your Wonder Twin

A Wonder Twin should be different from you. Look for someone for whom things that are a struggle for you seem to come naturally. You will know when you catch yourself thinking “hmm…I never thought of that!” or “Sheesh, I NEVER would have figured that out!”

Find a person whose contribution could be stronger if they had someone else supporting them. Pay attention to someone who might be shy or uncomfortable speaking. Alternatively, find someone who speaks, but never seems to get the attention of the team. Twinning will be of value to that person.

Make sure you pick a teammate who is open to collaborating and who values bouncing ideas of you and is happy to be a sounding board for your thoughts. Lone wolves like Aquaman and Superman need not apply.

When to Activate Your Super Powers

Once you’ve found your Wonder Twin, there are so many situations in which you can invoke your super powers:

  • You’re struggling to communicate an idea and need help articulating it clearly
  • You want to get an idea across, but need someone else to provide support in front of the team
  • You are thinking about a radical idea and want to get some feedback about how it will land
  • You need coaching on how to handle a relationship that has soured
  • You’re flummoxed by a difficult problem and need someone to kick start your thinking

Working with your Wonder Twin will become very rewarding.

The single super hero model seems to me to have reached its best before date. The problems of our world are too complex for single heroes. Even Superman has his kryptonite. I think that’s why we are seeing the shift in superhero franchises toward The X-Men and The Avengers—teams of diverse talents who work together to save the world. Maybe the place to start is finding your Wonder Twin.

[Wonder Twin fans: Is it just me, or do you remember almost every peril they faced being solved by Zan transforming into water and Jayna becoming an eagle. So where did the bucket come from? They always seemed to get a bonus bucket so that water-Zan could be transported to the crisis in the beak of Jayna the eagle—what was with the bucket?]

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