You probably have at least one thing that you’ve been avoiding doing because the thought of confronting it makes you really uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s a conversation you need to have with your boss about something in your role that isn’t working for you.  Maybe it’s a task you need to accomplish that you’re procrastinating because it’s difficult, or boring, or because you don’t quite know how to approach it. Is there a person on your team who you’ve taken to avoiding to the point that you make a big loop around the office so you don’t have to pass their desk?  Make this the week to do that uncomfortable thing.

Why? Because it’s sapping your energy even when you’re not doing anything but trying not to think about it.

Always On

I read a really interesting study recently about energy use in your home. Did you know that one of the greediest appliances in your house is actually that set-top box for your TV (whether you call it a DVR or a PVR, etc.). Many models actually use more electricity than your refrigerator! And what’s interesting about your PVR is that even when you turn the power off, it keeps on running. In fact, some models used 35W of energy when on and 34W when off.  It’s not that the little dude is recording anything, but he’s constantly hyper-vigilant about what shows are coming up and he’s ready to jump into action if Storage Wars or Dancing with the Stars pops up in an unlikely timeslot.

Energy Drain

When there is an issue that you are worried about or trying to rationalize, it sucks energy and leaves you always on just like your PVR. Your disk is always spinning as you come up with ways to avoid the issue or to implement elaborate work around plans. You are taking energy that you could be using to do something and you’re expending it to do nothing. What a waste!

Do yourself a favor; think of the one thing that’s running up a costly bill for you. It will be the thing that pops intrusively into your thoughts at inopportune moments throughout the day (or night). Each time it comes into your consciousness, you spend a few moments wrestling with it and feeling uncomfortable but ultimately decide not to deal with. As you shove it to the back of the closet again, you feel a little bit smaller, a little less powerful, and a bit more anxious.

If all you can do today is name it, that’s fine.  In the next post, I’ll share some ideas for how to deal with it.

[Fun Fact: If you’re interested in learning more about that little energy hog hiding in your living room, check out this article.]

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