For today’s post, I’m sharing my new YouTube video. I’m really excited that I’m going to be building out a library of longer-form video content to go deeply into some of the most popular topics from the blog. I hope by switching into the video format I can give you more practical and specific advice to help you try these techniques on your team. Plus, on YouTube, it’s way easier to embarrass myself by making ridiculous faces and bad jokes.

How to Avoid an Argument

In this first video, I cover off the following:

  • The three most common ways you’ve been starting fights (just in case you want to avoid them in the future)
  • Why invalidating people is the kiss of death and how you’ve been inadvertently doing it all along
  • The simple and effective techniques you can use to validate someone and turn them from an adversary to an ally (and turn a fight into a discussion)
  • How to pivot a conversation to make sure your perspective is considered and that you get to a solution that works for everyone

Here’s how you can help

  1. Watch the video
  2. Subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to get notifications of new content
  3. Share the video on LinkedIn or Twitter
  4. Leave a comment with feedback and/or ideas for other topics that you’d like me to cover in depth.




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