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There are so many ways a team can go wrong. Does your team make decisions so slowly that nothing ever gets done, or does it go too fast and miss critical issues that come back to bite you later? Does your team bicker endlessly or smile and nod while avoiding the tough issues? You don’t need to tolerate dysfunction that translates into abysmal productivity and zero innovation for your organization, as well as misery and wasted time for you. You First will give you the tools to diagnose the issues on your team and the practical advice on how you can change your team for the better—even if you’re the only person who is invested in the change.

You First

Inspire Your Team To Grow Up, Get Along, And Get Stuff Done
~by Dr. Liane Davey

What Readers Say

What an amazing lesson in self-reflection! This book taught me to look inside of myself instead of waiting for someone else to suggest changes, make decisions or contribute to the overall success of the team. I now ask myself the hard questions about how I can make things better for the team and what I might be doing to hinder it’s success. Such a great read!

You First should be used as an employee handbook for anyone working on a team. Ms. Davey breaks down concepts into relatable scenarios; and does so in a way that’s thought provoking, engaging and amusing! The book provides you with the tools you need to start making positive changes in your team right from the get go. By far the best “work” book I have read in my career.

You First is an incredibly practical and helpful book for anyone working on a team in the workplace. I found Liane’s concept about toxic teams to be applicable (and amusing!); I could apply her advice and specifics on what to say in the midst of a dysfunctional team setting right off the bat. I highly recommend this insightful book for its content and the fact that it was a pleasure to read.

About: Leadership Solutions

Leadership capacity has emerged as a key source of competitive advantage in today′s economy. But many organizations struggle to develop the capacity they need to succeed. This book offers concrete and precise strategies to close the leadership gap. It explains in detail how to conduct a leadership analysis, determining exactly where the gaps are in both organizational and individual leadership; analyzes the challenges a company faces; helps in understanding an organization′s leadership deficit; and generates leadership solutions tailored to the organization′s particular needs and shortcomings.

Leadership Solutions: The Pathway to Bridge the Leadership Gap

An organizational guide to assessing, measuring, and building leadership capacity

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