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After 20 years of researching and advising top teams, Liane Davey has a lot to share about creating high performance collaborations in your organization.  And for most organizations, it can’t come soon enough. Cross-functional teams, matrix structures, and shared accountabilities create breakthroughs when they work, but more often than not, they fail to deliver the business results we expect of them. In her inspiring and entertaining keynotes, Dr. Liane Davey pushes people to take accountability for their role in changing their teams for the better.

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Los Angeles Superior Courts, December 9-11, 2015

November 2020

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What is the secret of achieving high performance? In this keynote (also available as a workshop), Liane encourages audiences not just to admire excellence from a distance, but to lean into the disconcerting and humbling experiences that create profound personal growth. She shows her audiences that they have to go through the pit to reach the podium and encourages them to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Your audience will discover how to:

  • Set goals that will take them beyond their current level.
  • Use stretch opportunities to grow and develop beyond their comfort zones.
  • Win as an individual and within a broader team and organization.

A successful team begins with personal accountability, and in this speech (also available as a workshop), Liane challenges her audiences to find the ‘you’ in team. It’s not enough to point to everyone else on the team to explain the dysfunctional behavior. Liane shows audiences how to push their own teams to healthier behavior and greater productivity. Does your audience know what it takes to build a healthy and productive team?

Your audience will discover how to:

  • Spot team dysfunctions before it’s too late.
  • Seize the opportunity to make their teams healthier.
  • Use the right words to engage in productive conflict.

What is the secret of leading healthy, productive teams? In this speech (also available as a workshop) Liane unveils her tried and true method for creating teams with the alignment and the dynamic required to succeed. Hear how you can use team effectiveness to drive the renaissance of an organization, improve its bottom line, or create a high performance culture.

Your audience will discover how to:

  • Zero in on the unique value of the team to the organization (and cut out low value work).
  • Create insights about individuals that improve the team dynamic.
  • Anchor changes in processes to sustain team performance over the long haul.

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